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Let’s get your pet back on their paws.

Has your pet recently had an injury or illness? We know how hard it can be to watch our animals suffer. At Summit Veterinary Surgery, we’re here to get your pet back to their normal self and our mobile vet surgery specialists can work with your veterinarian directly in their Sacramento Valley office.

Your pet deserves the best.

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Summit Veterinary Surgery Service Works Directly With Your Vet

Summit Veterinary Surgery Service teams up with your local vet in the Sacramento Valley area. We are here for your cat or dog when the need for specialized veterinary surgery is required to help your pet recover from an injury or illness. We are your mobile veterinary surgery specialists and can work with your veterinarian in their Sacramento Valley office. You can ask your family veterinarian to utilize our services, or your family veterinarian can recommend our surgical services for your pet.

After your family veterinarian evaluates your pet, we can receive their X-rays, other scanned images, and records to assess the best surgical treatment for your cat or dog. Then, our veterinary surgical team can utilize your local vet’s surgical suite and our vet surgical equipment and expertise to get your animal back to health as soon as possible!

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Veterinarians that Care for your pet

Both Dr. Justin Uhl and Dr. Shannon Kerrigan are committed to seeing your pet have a complete recovery and excellent prognosis and outcome. We understand that our furry patients are your family, and their care is at the top of our priority when you utilize the services at Summit Veterinary Surgery Service.

Whether you’ve found us through your friend who has experienced our care or if your vet has recommended our services, your fur babies are in good hands! Call us today to schedule a surgery or consultation, or contact us through our website to learn more about our services.


Why Use Summit Veterinary Surgery Service?

While many vets perform routine surgeries such as spay and neutering, Summit Veterinary Surgery provides specialty surgery that you won’t find at your local veterinary offices, such as orthopedic surgery and advanced soft tissue surgery that a general veterinarian does not provide. In addition, our experienced veterinary surgery team provides specialized surgeries in orthopedics such as fracture repair, cruciate injuries, hip dysplasia, and patella luxation surgery to fix your dog’s (or cat’s) orthopedic problems. We also provide many other surgeries, which you can a sample on our surgeries page.

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Local Veterinarian Convenience and Exceptional Veterinary Surgical Service

We are here at your convenience and will travel to your Sacramento Valley Veterinary Hospital. Because we can travel to your local vet, you can avoid bringing your pet to an unfamiliar hospital and avoid having to take time off or arrange for more extended travel. In addition to the comfort of your local vet near you, our mobile surgery service is often more cost-effective. You can bring your pet to your local vet, avoid the long drive, and see your trusted vet for post-op care and follow-up. Summit Veterinary Surgery also works with your family veterinarian pre-and post-operatively to ensure quality care.

You’re in Good Hands

Summit Veterinary was founded by Dr. Justin Uhl DVM, MS, DACVS-SA, to provide mobile surgery service to local veterinarian hospitals in the greater Sacramento area, in effort to lend to advanced surgical procedures to be completed on your pet with the support of your regular/family veterinarian.

If you think your pet may need surgery, please contact your local veterinarian and schedule your pet for an exam.

If your veterinarian feels referral to a surgeon is needed to help care for your pet, they will contact us directly to help facilitate surgery setup and scheduling.

Please feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. We are here to help you, your clients and their pets during their time of need.

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Introducing the Summit Veterinary Surgery Services App, designed exclusively for you and your pet’s convenience. Now you can access our services on the go, anytime and anywhere. Let’s get your pet back on their paws with ease.